Love can make you happier then youve ever been, sadder then youve ever been, angrier than you’ve ever been. It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time. 

So,i wanted to talk only about my love experience in these next few posts,something i learned about dating life and what i went through and what i learned from them.I always wanted to have only one boyfriend,only one love,but that never happened to me.

I will share 2 storys for today and what i learned from them.

My first ever boyfriend was when i was 15 and emo,i was depressed because everyone of my friends had theres first kiss or they had a relationship and i never had it.I was afraid that kids will tease me cause of it.So i took the first chance i had to have a boyfriend,he was always dressed up as a Nazi and he loved that culture (i know that was wrong but it was the first time that someone actually liked me so just took it).It lasted 1 month,i broke up with him and he broke up with me at the same time,i asked him “where do you see us in 1 year or near future cause i dont see us together” he agreed cause of our differend views on the world,he was drinking\i didnt drink then,he was a player and i didnt like that etc.

MORAL OF THE STORY:never rush into things if you arent sure about it,its not important what other people will say,it only matters what you think,its not theres life its yours so you make the judgement.Everything will come to its place one day,just be patient.

My second boyfriend.I met him in front of a goth party,he had contact lenses on,mask and he was in a growl competition with his friend,i fell in love with him as soon as i saw him there,we talked all night.after,when we came home,we texted,we talked nonstop all day all night,and a month later we decided to meet each other in a anime convention.We were together always that day,and then i told him that i think he was nice and cute,thats where our 2 year relationship started,the worst time of my life.First 6 months were amazing,we were the IT couple in our friend circle.Everyone wanted love like ours.But after half a year everything changed,he and me started to be jealous,it was a hell to be honest.He told me that i cant see or talk with my male friends,then it was even with girl friends when he found out that i was bisexual.Then i said,if i cant then you cant either,thats where he started to act bad to me,he would intentionally flirt with other gils to make me jelly,or meet with them,he even cheated on me on my job,i was working in a shisha/hookah bar and he came there with a girl asking for service,and i gave them everything they wanted and acted professional.After that i went to meet him,and i was furious mad,so much that i slapped him.He didnt like that,and he returned it,and everything turned out into a huge fight in a central park where i live and no one wanted to help me.Everyone were watching him beating me up and i was trying to run away.Finally i ran away and few random people came up to me to ask me if i am okey cause i was covered in blood and then they helped me,bought me water,help me come home safe,and i was so happy that someone helped me.I broke up with him cause i realised that i was with him just cause i was used to be with him,there was no love after 6 months,but i was with him 2 years,just cause i was used to look at him,kiss him and because i swore to myself that i will find that one guy that i will love and i will give him myself (virginity) and just cause of that i was suffering all that stuff that a normal person in a healthy relationship shouldnt….Im so glad that i dont talk to any of my exes and that after i told a friend what happened to me she told me that i am normal,and that his jealousy got into him.It took me very long to get him over actually,to get to my head that i did hate him for what he did to me,and to realise i was used to him.But i am in a happy relationship right now,and i will tell you with who and how we got together,but before that,i need to tell you my other experiences,and there is a lot of them haha

MORAL OF THE STORY:your “love of your life” shouldnt make you choose,he/she cant tell you not to talk with someone.If its toxic relationship,just cut it,there will always be someone here for you.There is lots of fish in the sea like they say,there must be not one but more of them meant for you and you will find that person eventually.And in the mean while,you should relax and enjoy life,do something for yourself 🙂

I hope that i this helped someone that has any of these problems,remember never compromise your happiness for anything,you should be loved and you should love!So respect yourself as much as you can and everyone will respect you too.

Stay tuned guys cause i have soooo much material about this subject haha,short flings long terms,cheaters,and there is so many different types of people out there you cant even believe!

XoXo Dani ❤


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