The only source of knowledge is experience. -Albert Einstein
So last time I was talking about my first two experiences, and If you want to know what happened in part 1 feel free to check it out cause the second one and the third happened kinda in between haha 🙂

Cause I was feeling bad about what my second boyfriend did to me I tried to escape in the gaming world. There was something in that world that always tried to pull me back in, picking a character, making his/her story and living different type of life. It made me forget about my problems for a bit. Thats where I started to talk with a person that was far away from me, he tried to help me get through it all, and then we tried to make the relationship distance work out and to prove everyone that It can work out. But the problems we had were bigger then us, he couldn’t come where I live (Serbia) and I couldn’t come to him (Germany) cause I had problems with my family and my parents were separating then. He was Muslim, I am Atheist (born Orthodox, Cristian),his parents wanted a Muslim girl or that I get theres religion, and I didn’t want to, I believe in what I believe and no one can take my free will and believes.All those problems got the best of us, he got jealous because I grew up with guys and I was going in a school that had only 3 girls(it was all male school, rarely any girl wants to be a electrical technician haha). Cause his religion forbids these kind of friendships he tried to make me stop talking with my best friends that I knew for 4/5 years then, and I didn’t want to do it, I was in that same situation before and I didn’t want to be in it again. I would never hurt a person by cheating on them, but he didn’t listen. He was afraid that I might go back with my ex as well because he had problems and I tried to help him. He didn’t believe that I just wanted to help a person in need, his jealousy got the best of us and it killed our love that we once had. And one thing that actually made me sadder then was that I actually never got to see him in his eyes during that time we had together, or after that. So I had to just cut it. He writes me occasionally but that’s about it, the jealousy was too much to handle.



Jealousy is good thing in small pieces, just to show your partner that you care about them. Never try to control him/her with who he/she will hang out even if your religion is against boy/girl friendships. Try to meet your significant others friends, get good with them, it will make your relationship more stable and you will get those nice cool points on your side! 😀

Religion is very touchy subject itself, I might talk about it in the future, but not for now. Every person has theres own opinions about everything, I think that if you love someone your religion shouldn’t get in the way, you believe in something, other person as well, and that’s pretty much it. And when you get children, don’t force anything on them, they will grow up and choose in what they will believe, in the mean while you will celebrate everything that you want, it is nice for a kid to celebrate and have a good time with parents. Imagine if only your religion got in that way and you don’t live with a person you love just cause your parents raised you in that religion and you were thought that from the beginning only your believes are right and everyone are wrong…its kinda bad isn’t it?

I believe that everyone should choose what fits for them and theres personality, that’s why you should never force someone to do something against theres will. We are all different, remember that.


My third boyfriend was actually a blind date that my then best friend set me up with, sounds crazy haha. And it was, he texted me whenever he could (talk about a girls dream),he played games like me, he loved everything I did. But there was one problem, he was one hour away from me by the bus, that’s why we didn’t see each other that much, he had a job and I didn’t, so I had to respect his time. We were together for a month, he cheated on me and im still confused till this day what happened. He was saying that he loved me and all, we were hanging out 2/3 times a week and then one day he blocked me. After a week that same best friend told me that he cheated on me with a red headed girl (im a red head as well) and I was confused why did she tell me the color of her hair, but I let her be and I didn’t ask anything else about it. I am not talking with him or her anymore and im happy that at least I saw her true colors (and its later on in the stories actually haha)


Try to get to know the person before you enter in the relationship, maybe they aren’t that sweet like they seem on the first glance. The “friend zone” that everyone keep talking is only set by you and that person, if you see that the feelings are mutual then ask them on a date, don’t be afraid, if its ment to be then its ment to be, and if not, then at least you know and you can move on. If a person cheats on you, don’t think that its your fault, maybe its not, maybe they just aren’t ready to commit to only one person, maybe they thought that you two wont last, maybe they are just idiotic like that haha. But you should feel lucky cause you saw the true colors of that person before it got too late, it will hurt a little, but later on you will laugh at it!

Also, don’t forget that everybodys got time, if not in 10min then in one hour, if they respect you then they will respond even with one “okey” it takes 2 seconds to write that! Before they go to bed they can at least call you to talk with you 5 minutes, it’s the little things that make the relationship don’t forget that 🙂



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