I know that, as a bisexual, sometimes people who are gay or lesbian look down upon the bisexual community as well and assume that people who are bisexual just don’t know what they want or are just playing both sides of the fence, and that’s not the case, either. Crystal Bowersox

So these two storys wont be any regular ones, this is my first live experience with two girls. So if you don’t like that, I would suggest to close your eyes haha

I always knew that I like both genders but I never had a chance of meeting a girl with same point of view on girls. Until now

After everything that happened to my love life I decided to make a pause, small one. I was hanging out with friends every Friday, going to school, played videogames. It was a good time. One day my friend invited me to her local gaming center with her and a friend and I accepted. We met later on that day and she came with a girl that was really friendly and kind person. That was my future ex girlfriend. She was cool, loved everything I did, on the first look it looked like everything was perfect and that I finally found what I was looking for all my life. We dated for 3 weeks, it was normal, we were trying to get to know each other more, what the other person likes and doesn’t, we were going a bit fast but it was a nice feeling, we really liked each other. Well I did, she had a different view on world. Here, not much people accept lesbians / gays / trans people. And gay marriages are forbidden still. And if a guy is gay, he will probably end up getting beaten up at one point in his life. People here are little bit close minded, its still a taboo. That problem in our country scared her a lot, and when we were in a club one night and a guy bought her a drink she went with him, I talked with her about it, she was afraid of judgement, from her friends and family, no matter what I said she didn’t believe in it. So she decided that it was best for us to part our ways and I agreed. I couldn’t do much about it, its her life and im not going to say anything about it, I can give advice but how she is going to live her life I cant say much. Her life, her mistakes. We don’t talk anymore at all, neither do I talk with that friend that met us. I kinda just stopped saying “Hey” first and she never said anything from then… I don’t miss them, but I wish them all best.


Sometimes its hard to deal with your surrounding but then again you need to remember, there is one life, and you choose how you will live it. Will you always listen to other people and hide your love to someone cause its taboo, or you will love that one person to the rest of your life. You shouldn’t pay much attention to what other people say, its your life, not theres, they cant tell you how to live your life. And people will always judge, that’s life right there for you, everyone has opinions, and you need to learn how to accept them but do what you think that its best for you. Its your life, your mistakes.

I can only imagine how sad I would feel if I am with a person that loves and respects me and I cant return it back because my love of my life is a girl and I cant be with her. Sometimes I ask myself why are we all so judgemental, it never comes with anything good. Like, for instance, first thing that pops up in our head when we meet a person is judgement, good or bad. Its always there. Why cant we wait a little to meet that person and then judge. Judgement is in our blood and we cant just shake it off like its nothing.


I think people feel threatened by homosexuality. The problem isn’t about gay people, the problem is about the attitude towards gay people. People think that all gays are Hannibal Lecters. But gay people are sons and daughters, politicians and doctors, heroes and daughters of heroes. Hollis Stacy

So, the other girl that I was in a relationship with actually cheated on me with a guy. That “Im a lesbian” that she said was a lie. All she wanted from me was to experience something different. To explore different things in life so that she can later tell that to her friends. I mean Im not doing that im doing something much worse haha, but for the sake of teaching people what kind of people exist, im so happy for all the people that found theres true love from the first shoot, I couldnt do it. I guess I had a bad judgement. And yes, in some way I am telling this to all my friends cause they reed this as well (HEY GUYS, LOOK AT ME EMBERISING NUMBERS OF GUYS / GIRLS THAT I CALL EXPERIENCE LOL). But for real now, I hoped that this stories that I had can help you in life when you need to choose your partner. Some relationships maybe look healthy at first but when you look at them closely they are not….. So lets get back to the girl numero dos, I can tell you again what I said about the first one, what I actually said about everyone. But I will stop sugar coating everything. Yes, she was fine lookin gal, but she had her flaws like everyone. In the end we are all humans. And in the beginning of the relationship she was asking me to go everyday out with her and her friends, she would kiss me everywhere and anywhere, she was total opposite from the last girlfriend. Few weeks forward our mutual friend called us separately to a party at a club and at that time he didn’t know that we were together. I asked her if she is coming to the party but she said that she felt bad and that she will stay at the house. I told her that I will come at her house, we will watch movies and just hang out but she declined by saying that she will sleep. I said that I will stay at home then, I was bit sad then. That’s when that friend called me and made a peer pressure on me to come, and I did. As soon as I came in I saw her kissing another guy and my friend was there too, he saw me going in and then out of the club. He came after me and then we talked, I told him what happened and then went home. Later on tomorrow I get a text form her that I was a bitch and that she just used me to get some guys that were rich…… So yeah, that was it from her, I didn’t even bother to respond, I just blocked her and moved on with life.


There are some really bad people in this world I guess haha, they will use your reputation to get themselves high and to put yourself down. I guess that there is not a big moral of the story tho, just to take care. Its best if you have only few trustworthy friends, and then the rest just keep close. That is what I am doing as well.

This is becoming a really sad story, don’t you feel that? I think I am at the above average number of persons I dated even if I didn’t want more then half of those things that happened to me. But I am grateful for the experience that I have.



BTW: I am so sorry that I was absent these few days, I was doing something else with my family and also I had to do something for my job. Hopefully I will be posting every second day these stories, and when I finish with them I will post one story about myself and my family (its very sad) and then other stories and advices that I learned and experienced. Thank you everyone, this blog helps me get some things off my chest as well and that is a major thing for me. I hope that you will have a good day / night ❤


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