“Sometimes you want to say, “I love you, but…”
Yet the “but” takes away the ‘I love you’. In love their are no ‘buts’ or ‘if’s’ or ‘when’. It’s just there, and always. No beginning, no end. It’s the condition-less state of the heart. Not a feeling that comes and goes at the whim of the emotions. It is there in our heart, a part of our heart…eventually grafting itself into each limb and cell of our bodies. Love changes our brain, the way we move and talk. Love lives in our spirit and graces us with its presence each day, until death.

To say “I love you, but….” is to say, “I did not love you at all”.

I say this to you now: I love you, with no beginning, no end. I love you as you have become an extra necessary organ in my body. I love you as only a girl could love a boy. Without fear. Without expectations. Wanting nothing in return, except that you allow me to keep you here in my heart, that I may always know your strength, your eyes, and your spirit that gave me freedom and let me fly.”
Coco J. Ginger


Good day beautiful people,

First of all I would like to thank you all for your DMs with things that I should fix or the way of telling my story 😀

I really liked one idea and I would like to try this, and who knows maybe one day ill continue writing like this. So the idea was to write it in a character, and I agreed, it looks like it would be more interesting for the readers sooo this is how Sally was made 😀

And this will be a story of how Sally wanted a true love but she never found one in anyone, either she would be cheated on or it just didn’t work out.

So lets start with the story:


One day Sally didn’t have anything to do that day so she decided to go in the gaming center. She played games all night with her friend that invited another person to join them. The conversation between Sally and that guy was amazing, she didn’t stop talking with him that night. They continued talking later when she was coming home as well. He acted like a real gentleman and kind. They continued to talk and talk everyday more and more. She really liked this guy, he was handsome too. The guy liked her as well and after few weeks of talking they decided to get together. But Sally wouldn’t be Sally if there wasn’t any problems. He was far away, he lived in a land far far away called Germania. She was kinda scared in the beginnig to be honest, but she still went with it. They were talking all day and when it was time to sleep they would leave the call on so that when one person wakes up he/she can wake up the other one, or just to listen our heavy breathing in the phone while they were sleeping. For her it was magical experience. She couldn’t wait to see him, and one day they saw each other. It was love on first sight, but when she came to wait for him at the airport she heard police saying that there is a terrorist in a flight that is coming soon and she was really scared, she didn’t have time to react on him because she wanted to get out as possible. She grabbed him by the hand and showed the way out. They got out safe and lighted a cigarette before the bus comes, that whole thing made everything a bit awkward for the first kiss, so we decided to wait a perfect time she thought. Two days together in a hostel and Sally and the guy still didn’t kiss, for her it was a bit strange but she just went with it. Later on that day they went out with Sallys friends. Wonderful time that was. They all played truth or dare, such great challenges there were. And then, her friend challenged her to kiss him in front of them. They didn’t know that its going to be theres first kiss ever. But it really helped to push things out a little bit further. So from that day on, they had the best time ever, they went on sushi, played games whenever they wanted, loved each other whenever they could. Sadly the time passed by and he had to go. They were sad, she even cried at the airport and on the way back. He went home really fast, she felt like she didn’t gave him enough hugs or kisses, but that was too late. He came home and she was waiting for him patiently. Everything was the way it should be. Until the talk about who would live where came up and he needed to work for military so she wouldn’t talk with him that much. They both broke up with each other on agreement. They both saw that they don’t see each other in another state and it was really hard for her when she heard that he will work for military. Sally is still to this day disappointed sometimes, but they took it like adults and it was nice from both sides, because they are both mature enough to talk it out.



Always be honest to each other, never leave words unsaid. If you want to kiss someone, do it. So you wont regret it by not doing it later.

Try to be mature in a relationship, always communicate, its not fun when you see a problem in it and ignore it, sooner or later the glass will get overfilled  with water and then its too late.

Fact: A normal person in 21 century can text one sentence in 30 sec or less, if that makes other person happy then do it. Text him / her whenever you can. You will avoid explanations and all that “sorry / I couldn’t text you I was busy” stuff that no one likes to hear.

I am actually really glad that im still in good terms with this person and I hope that he will find a person one day that would like to share his world with him, but I couldn’t and I am very sorry for that and im happy that he understands cause he feels the same way about mine life.



Second story is about my ex best friend, and its very short actually. We realized that we see each other more as a brother and sister and not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sally was always there for him, she helped him to get over his break ups, family problems and even with jobs. He was always here somewhere for her as well. After one bad break up from him they decided to meet. So they did. They talked about it few hours, what he did wrong and what his ex did, and if its possible to fix it. He was devastated and said that he doesn’t want her anymore. Sally agreed that it was a toxic relationship for both of them. The talk went on and on for few hours, they were talking what they would like to have in a partner and realized that they are looking for same things so they wanted to give it a try. She gave everything she could so that it actually grows in something. But he didn’t, he responded on messages once or twice a day, could never talk with her on the phone and she got a bit depressed but she kept going, she still tried. After a week he sent her a text saying that he doesn’t see her as girlfriend but more as a sister, she was little sad about it but she knew that he will say that. So she just agreed on his decision. After all that what happened between them they decided to see each other to hang out and get drinks. Surprise surprise, imagine what happened next. He kissed her after all that what he said before. She was surprised and asked “What was this?”, he just said “Shhh” and continued to kiss her. It got dark and it was time to go home. So they did. While she was in the bus to home she got the same message from him and saying that it wont happen again and she told him that she figured it out, and that she will slap him if that ever happens again. After that they stopped talking much, not besties, just familiar faces that say “Hey” when they see each other. Sally is not upset about it, at least she knows that she will continue her search after that “Mr. Right” for her.



Friendzone doesn’t exist you make it yourself. Its your mind telling you “You can find better than that, but he is nice to talk and hang out with so keep him next to you”. But if you like that person then, I think, that you should talk with that person. You wont lose anything with honesty, you will just gain a life partner or realize that the person is just not that into you like you are in him / her. The best you can gain is theres true emotions and that’s what you are going for.

Thank you all for support, it means a lot to me.

I think that I wont post few days because I need to go on vacation and Im not bringing anything but my phone with me.

I need to relax, I deserved it. And so did you.

So sip yourself a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the rest of the day / night! ❤



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